Peripheral Neuropathy: Nine Simple Steps To Reduce The Pain


Dean Lewis shares his experience with severe peripheral neuropathy, multi-organ system failure and his pursuit of better health.
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"When Dean S. Lewis, MT, was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy after surviving multi-organ system failure, he could have written off the rest of his life and no one would have blamed him.

Suffering from chronic pain makes everything exponentially harder as the simplest tasks are suddenly difficult, and anything beyond them seems impossible. But instead of choosing to merely survive one day to the next, Dean instead sees his condition as a challenge—one that he can beat.

In his debut book, Peripheral Neuropathy: Nine Simple Steps to Reduce the Pain, Dean outlines how he continues to face the daily challenges and struggles that accompany his condition. While he can’t erase the pain, he can refuse to let it debilitate him—and you can too.

Readers will learn a variety of coping mechanisms for their condition, including how to become aware of what makes it better or worse; how to maintain a positive mindset; how to pursue better health through nutrition, exercise, massage, meditation, and yoga; and much more."

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