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Nerve Man


Track your pain symptoms on this interactive 'Nerve Man' map. You can also print it out for your next doctor's appointment.
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    The link above does not completely work from an iPad (I haven't tried it from a non-Apple device).  It doesn't' go directly to anything called "nerve man" but does go to the American Chronic Pain Association site, and I eventually found a pain-map under the communication tools, but it's not called "nerve man" so I only assume that it's the same tool you are talking about above.

    The tool, while way better than nothing, only allows for a 'one time' rating of symptoms and intensity - it doesn't allow, for example, for a range of pain - since mine varies as the day goes on, I have only rated my 'maximum' intensity, but I do have lower intensity when I first get up in the AM, that can't be mapped on this tool.  I'll visit a pain log next to try to capture that.

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