About PainHQ

Do you live with neuropathic pain? PainHQ is here to help
LatestNews The DeGroote PainHQ is an online community for individuals dealing with neuropathic pain that offers high-quality education and information. Building on McMaster's strengths in assessing the quality of the research evidence, health education and e-learning, the DeGroote PainHQ is an innovative and sustainable resource for patient-centred care. 

We invite you to browse our Resources, Knowledge Base, Personal Stories, e-Learning Videos, Webinars and Expert Blogs for a range of information about neuropathic pain conditions and the different treatments available. 

Whether you’re a patient or trying to help someone living with neuropathic pain, we invite you to share your experience. Tell your story and let others know what resources or treatments you’ve found most helpful. You’re also able to rate and review our resource library and comment on articles. By sharing your feedback, you’re helping curate the highest quality resources for others dealing with neuropathic pain.

Alongside your reviews and feedback is the input from our network of experts. We’ve reached out to pain specialists, neurologists, psychiatrists, rehabilitation therapists and other health care providers  to help provide a range of perspectives on neuropathic pain.  

PainHQ also provides you with access to PAIN+, a “one-stop” access to current best research evidence on pain management. PAIN+ serves as a valued resource for clinicians, providing them with the most relevant and newsworthy published research around neuropathic pain, rated and reviewed by other medical experts.

PainHQ is made possible by the generosity of Michael G. DeGroote

PainHQ is currently in Beta. We're pleased to share with you a sampling of Knowledge Base entries, e-learning videos, blogs, stories and resources. Over the coming months, we'll be rolling out more content. We also hope to hear from you, so please send us your feedback. 

Features Coming Soon:

  • More Knowledge Base entries
  • More e-learning videos
  • Educational illustrations
  • More patient stories
  • Patient videos
  • More expert blogs
  • More webinars